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Focus Mk2 RS Induction Pipe GEL Badges *

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Focus Mk2 RS Induction Pipe GEL Badges

This is a 2 part badge which fits onto the RS badge on the induction pipe.

Available in 3 colour combinations

This badge is very fiddly to fit and can take time to get it just right.

We have checked and test fitted the badge for size and fitment.

We cannot be held responsible for errors in fitting this item.

The area must be cleaned thoroughly before fitting and any grease/residue removed

If there is ANY residue etc... left on the pipe this badge will NOT stick. If it is cleaned properly then it will stick properly.

The badge is easier to fit with the pipe OFF the car.



Suitable for the following models

  • Focus Mk2 RS
RS Silver-BlueRS Silver-GreenRS Silver-WhiteRS Silver-YellowRS Silver-Red
  • *****Focus Mk2 RS Induction Pipe GEL Badges

    By Gary Whiteman on 23rd Mar 2017 of: Focus Mk2 RS Induction Pipe GEL Badges *

    Attempted to fit the badge set the day they arrived only too aware of DMB's comment that they are very fiddly to fit. Removed the induction pipe as suggested and cleaned area thoroughly with Acetone/nail varnish remover.
    The stickers are actually not so sticky, in fact worryingly so. However this works in your favour as they don't grab at the slightest contact and give you a chance to realign if required. So in a warm environment they are actually relatively easy to fit.
    Final act was to run a hairdryer over the badges and get them quite warm activating the glue further. A final press around all the edges finished the application.
    The finished effect is very impressive.

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